Saturday, 14 April 2012


So, you thought that Amulet of Kroog was bad? It does cost 2 and needs another 2 to prevent 1 damage, but at least it stays on the field. This card bounces every time you use it. Every. Single. Time. This could be okay, for example in decks that rely on artifact/cards entering the battlefield (like decks with Confusion in the Ranks, Leonin Elder, or Cloud Key) if it cost 1. If it cost 1 and cost 2 to activate, along with the bounce, it would be usable. Not good, but usable. The best case scenario, given the changes described above, would be 2: Prevent 1 damage and gain 1 life, assuming you have Leonin Elder out as well. But, the fact that it costs SIX MANA is just... wow. To be fair however, you CAN activate it multiple times in the same turn, so it might be useful ONCE.

Pros: Costs a lot (useful for Animate Artifact or Karn's Touch), usable multiple times in 1 turn
Cons: Massively overcosted, bounces itself
Rating: 0.5/5

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