Monday, 30 April 2012

Sage of Lat-Nam

Sage of Lat-Nam
(Note: I apologize for the wordiness of this card, but I hate how the 8th edition one looks. For simplicity's sake, it's "Tap, sack an artifact: Draw a card")

Cards like this are very nice in combo decks. Sacking an artifact to draw a card doesn't seem like it's all that good, mainly because the artifacts that spring to a lot of peoples' minds are the artifacts you want to keep around (like Darksteel Myr). But what this card really works with are those few suicidal artifacts, like Junk Diver, Myr Retriever, or Cathodion, and even undying artifacts like Myr Servitor. In, say, Cathodion's case, it's essentially colourless Dark Ritual with card advantage. Same thing with Junk Diver or Myr Retriever, except it's an Argivian Restoration instead of a Dark Ritual. With a couple Myr Servitors, you effectively draw 2 cards a turn instead of one (one at the end of your last opponent's turn and one during your draw step). It's also another way to keep bouncing Spine of Ish Sah back to your hand every turn. The only real downfall of this card is that you have to tap it for it to work, so it only starts shenanigans on turn 3.

Pros: Combos well with a few artifact cards that like dying
Cons: Needs to tap, doesn't work well with all artifacts
Rating: 4/5

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