Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mindless Automaton

Mindless Automaton
This card is pretty awesome especially with the resurgence of flashback in Standard right now. It allows you to get rid of the cards you either don't want in your hand or put the cards you want in your graveyard into it. It works in reanimator decks, flashback decks, threshold decks, Damia decks, and even in Arcbound decks (for the draw). Your Arcbound Hybrid died? Well, just draw a card to ease that sadness. Even in a pinch, you can buff this guy by discarding cards. That might not be the best option, but if you really need a temporary blocker that will let you draw half those cards back. Finally, with the new Miracle mechanic, any creature that lets you draw cards on opponents' turns is great.

Now, there are a couple drawbacks. First and foremost is that it is a 2/2 for 4, albeit it's colourless mana. Second, it's an artifact, meaning that it's more vulnerable due to it being exposed to both kill and smash spells. However, the fact that it's an artifact can work in this card's favour. It can go into any deck because it's not colour-reliant.

Pros: Colourless, card draw/discard without tapping
Cons: Initially weak, vulnerable to artifact destruction
Rating: 4/5

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