Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bosh, Iron Golem

Bosh, Iron Golem
Like a boss. That both describes the art (because, let's face it, he's struttin') and what the card does. Sure, Brion Stoutarm is cheaper, but there's a major difference in-between these 2 cards. First, Brion sacrifices creatures whereas Bosh sacrifices artifacts, but since Bosh will be in an artifact deck (it is Mirrodin after all) it shouldn't really matter. The biggest difference is that Bosh doesn't have to tap. This means that not only can he fling that Spine of Ish Sah as soon as he comes on to the battlefield, but he can do it multiple times in one turn and attack in the same turn. Now, he does have the problems of every artifact (Smash, Shatter, Shatterstorm...) as well as vulnerability to creature destruction so he's not infallible. But, for the cost, he's well worth it.

Pros: Can chuck artifacts on the first turn on the field, big 'n' beefy trampler
Cons: Vulnerable to 2 types of destruction, does cost a bit
Rating: 4/5

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