Saturday, 14 April 2012


This card is hilarious. It's a different take on the earlier Hesitation, but makes people think a little more before they act. Hesitation can easily be defeated by throwing down a cheap, useless creature like an Ornithopter or something that you want in your graveyard like a Carrionette. This card, however, can spell doom for your opponent. Early game, it gives their opponent(s) good card advantage; mid-game, it refills their hands; and late game, it allows them to draw their win condition (if they haven't already done so). Early game is the best time for this in my opinion though, since if you drop it on turn 2, you're pretty much guaranteed to draw 3 cards on the next person's turn.

Pros: Allows for card advantage at any point in the game
Cons: May backfire if not properly planned
Rating: 4/5

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