Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Stern Proctor

Stern Proctor
This card isn't too bad. It's artifact or enchantment bounce for 2 blue. The enchantment bounce of this card is what makes it good. There are only 2 other pure blue cards that bounce enchantments specifically (Hoodwink and Linessa) and no cards that outright destroy enchantments in blue, so this makes this card more versatile than your average 2-drop in blue. If your opponents has a really annoying enchantment that's either preventing you from attacking outright (Norn's Annex late game) or is making you otherwise worried (Grave Pact for example in a multiplayer gamer) and bam! it's back to their hand.

The first negative pointer is that it's pure blue, making it slightly more difficult to put in a multicolour deck, but it's not as bad as say Reiver Demon for coloured mana symbols, so it can be done. However, this card is more than likely going into a Wizard tribal, so it more than likely won't matter. The second negative for this is that it IS specific to enchantments and artifacts. It's good for when you want to save that Boomerang for something else, but otherwise it might hamper your plans.

Pros: Enchantment bounce in blue and it's a Wizard
Cons: Hard to splash, targeted bounce
Rating: 2.5/5

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