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So, just to give everyone my personal background with Magic: the Gathering, here's some basic info.

- I've been playing since 1998
- I played on the Winnipeg circuit from 2000-2007, for a few months in the Okanagan, and now I'm back in Winnipeg
- I've won a few tournaments (too numerous to count), but nothing bigger than a local tournament
- Favourite sets: Kamigawa and Odyssey
- Least favourite sets: Mirrodin Besieged (screw Infect, seriously) and Rise of the Eldrazi

Now, just to give some background on my review style. I tend to do a review by clicking "Random Card" on and doing a review on the first card. I look at the card, find some similar cards and write a review right then and there. I don't look at what the pros use it for, I don't look at it in context of it's block, and I don't look at the comments on the card itself (unless they're hilariously stupid). Why? Because I'm a casual player now and that's how I view cards. I look at cards from the average casual player's point of view and I present them as I see them.

Thanks for reading this incredibly boring, non-card-related page!

Rating System:

5/5: Amazing card in all respects. Might not see play in everything, but it makes a big impact in every game it sees play in.

4/5: Great card with some flaws. There are ways to abuse it, but it might not be the easiest combo to pull off or it might be really easy to disrupt.

3/5: Solid card. This is pretty much the midway point of a card's value. Pretty decent in Limited and might be usable in other formats.

2/5: Limited only. Because Limited is, well, limited, this card's flaws are forgiven and it becomes more valuable.

1/5: Limited last pick. Use only if you absolutely need a 40th card and you have too many lands. Has one use and doesn't really do it that well.

0/5: Use a land instead. Even if you need that last card, even if you're running too much land, you should run a land instead of this.

My Lexicon
Gribblie/gribbly (I've spelled it 2 different ways, but I'm too lazy to change it) - A small token, either a 1/1 or 0/1

Tim - Deal 1 damage

Mill - Put cards from the top of your deck into your graveyard

ETB - Enter the battlefield

Ted - The ultimate blocker/sacrifice, essentially a gribblie made at Instant speed (origin story)

Burn Deck - Deck that revolves around dealing direct damage, 99% of the time they're red

Sad RobotSolemn Simulacrum

EDH - Elder Dragon Highlander, better known as Commander; a 100-card singleton format

Storm Scale - A scale made by Mark Rosewater to determine the likelihood of something returning to Magic (1 being a certainty and 10 being an impossibility). Named after Storm being 11 on that scale due to its brokeness (see an article about it here).

Bear - A 2/2 (based on Forest Bear (I know it's supposed to be based on Grizzly Bears, but the art on Forest Bear is 100x more awesome)).

Wind Drake - A 2/2 flyer for 3 (based on Wind Drake)

Land Leeches - A 2/2 first striker for 3 (based on Land Leeches)

KSFE - The Kamigawa Snake Frosting Effect. Basically, it's "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a creature, tap that creature. That creature doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step."

Shadebreathing: It's "B: This creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn". It's called "shadebreathing" because most Shades have this ability.

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