Saturday, 24 May 2014

Phyrexian Denouncer

Phyrexian Denouncer

Talk about no bang for your buck. Having a Night on a stick can be quite useful even if it requires a sacrifice (look at Phyrexian Plaguelord for a good example of that), but this is just really sad. First, it has to tap in order to sack, so it has to stay around for a turn and not attack, which kind of lessens any combat trickability you might try and wring out of this. Second, it dies to give something -1/-1 until end of turn which isn't that great, especially for two mana. Here are better things you could spend your two mana on and get the same end result (or better): Chainer's EdictCruel EdictDiabolic EdictDry SpellLast GaspNauseaScent of NightshadeShrivel, and Steal Strength. I'm not saying that's every two-drop that's better than this; it's just every two-drop that costs 1B that isn't a creature that has no targeting restrictions or sack requirement. All in all, skip this card if you can.

Pros: Night on a stick
Cons: Requires sack, requires tap
Rating: 0/5

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