Monday, 26 May 2014



Whenever I look at this card, I get confused feelings about it. On the one hand, it's a card that combines red's tendency to have Instant-speed buffs with blue's penchant for Instant-speed debuffs. On the other hand, it also costs 3 (two of it being mixed colours) and it only affects power. However, in deconstructing this card, we can see its true value.. If we are to look at the buff side, we get Fists of the Anvil. On the debuff side, we get Downsize (despite not having actually existing when this card was first printed). In essence, this is two cards in one for the same price. You can't really complain about that honestly. It's a pair of average cards taped together to make a better-than-average combat trick. Very Izzet if you think about it...

Pros: Fists of the Anvil and Downsize in one
Cons: Double colour commitment, average effects
Rating: 3/5

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