Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Eye of RamosHeart of Ramos
Horn of RamosSkull of Ramos
Tooth of Ramos

I really wish Ramos had an actual card. I think he would cost WWUUBBRRGG like Progenitus because that's what these produce (kind of like how the Attendants can be sacked for their respective dragons). As for these cards, they aren't bad at all. They are much more restrictive Manaliths, but they have the option to become a better Implements of Sacrifice if need be. They're pretty solid as far as mana rocks go, although they aren't as good as Sol Ring. Then again, not much is as good as Sol Ring.

Pros: Able to produce two mana if need be
Cons: Single colour, requires sack for 2nd mana
Rating: 3/5

As a closing point, I'd like to say that I like every piece of art for this set, except for the Heart. Apparently the greatest dragon engine in all of Mercadia was, in fact, a Care Bear.

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