Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Scuttling Death

Scuttling Death

Something called "scuttling" shouldn't cost 5! Nor should it be a 4/2. Something called "death" shouldn't be incapable of killing a Bear Cub. Soulshift is a cool mechanic, but it's sad that very few creatures that have it are worth playing. Night on a stick is alright, but not on a creature that costs 5. Outside of that, it's a 4/2 for 5, which is also substandard. Soulshift 4 is great, but it's not enough to save this guy from the standard title of "bad even for a Kamigawa card".

Pros: Soulshift 4, Night on a stick
Cons: 4/2 for 5, requires sacrifice
Rating: 1/5

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