Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mind Stone

Mind Stone

This card should be an EDH staple. Why? Well, it's a mana rock that comes out fairly quickly for starters and those are pretty nice. The other reason is that it's instant-speed colourless card draw. There are other colourless cards out there that draw you cards at instant-speed (Chromatic Star and Brass Secretary are good examples), but most of them only have one use: breaking to draw a card. This little guy can be used as mana acceleration until you don't need it anymore. In short, this card is pretty awesome and I have no major complaints about it.

Pros: Taps for mana, sackable for a card, colourless
Cons: Requires a mana for card draw
Rating: 5/5

Note: The reason I picked this art? First, the Descartes quote makes this extremely classy. Second, it's a brain on a stick!

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