Wednesday, 28 May 2014



Rawr! I's a monster! A really bad, expensive, destructive monster. Stat-wise, this thing is pretty underpowered. Often, if something has a power than is greater than its CMC, it can be balanced out by increasing the colour cost. A good example of this is Leatherback Baloth: it costs 3 CMC for a 4/5, but it's three green mana, which is a balancing factor. This card doesn't warrant 4 blue mana symbols. Very few cards actually have 4 mana symbols because it's kind of hard to justify such an expensive colour commitment. A 10/10 trampler for 5UUUU is already bad enough, but the fact that you have to sack a ton of Islands in order to do anything with it makes it all that much worse. I can see a lot of this happening if you try and run it:

"I sack 2 Islands to untap it and 2 more to swing in to deal you..."
"Agonizing Demise. Kicked."
"I believe you lose now."

If this had Shroud or Hexproof, it'd be a lot better but still not worth it. I can't actually see a situation where I'd want this over, say, a Thing from the Deep. Okay, maybe if I had a Homarid Spawning Bed...

Pros: Big 'n' beefy
Cons: Quad blue, tons of land sack required
Rating: 0/5

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