Friday, 11 April 2014

Samite Alchemist

Samite Alchemist

Yeah... There's a good reason Homelands is considered one of the worst sets in the history of Magic and this is a prime example of why that is. First, this is a 0/2 for 4. There are only 2 0/2s that are worth paying 4+: Azami, Lady of Scrolls and Vedalken Archmage. This thing is nowhere near either of those cards. Second, preventing damage is sort of okay, but paying for it makes it less than okay. Hallowed Healer and Master Healer are examples of better creatures who can prevent damage (not the best, just better than this). Finally, it frosts the creature it protects. Why would you ever want that for your own creature?! You get to pay 2 mana for the privilege to not use that creature the next turn. Yay...? So yeah, there's nothing nice to say about this card at all.

Pros: It's a creature
Cons: Pay-to-save, frosts saved creature, 0/2 for 4
Rating: 0/5 

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