Thursday, 10 April 2014

Static Orb

Static Orb

There are very few cards that will result in everyone at the table hating you the minute it hits the table and this card is definitely near the top of the list. People often say that Winter Orb is more annoying because you only get to untap a single lands, but at least Winter Orb allows you to untap your nonland permanents. This card doesn't allow you to untap more than 2 permanents period. Decks that run things like Seedborn Muse are going to be the decks that get the most out of this card, but those decks can be vulnerable to removal of their key cards that give them an advantage. All you need is two mana to kill that Seedborn Muse with a Doom Blade. It's a big double-edged sword, but if it's built around, this can be a powerful card.

Pros: Locks down permanents
Cons: Locks down all permanents (even yours)
Rating: 3.5/5

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