Wednesday, 16 April 2014



Stats-wise, this card is absolute garbage, but the stats don't really matter for this card. I think this is a brilliant card design. It doesn't deal damage, meaning that it dodges saves like Fog and Pay No Heed and since it doesn't have power, cards like Meishin, the Mind Cage don't really affect this card. It also has variable power that can come into play in the late-game. I can see this card easily being a 4/4 or 5/4 the turn it comes out, which is pretty good for a creature with Fear. This card is not without its flaws however, mainly stemming from the lack of power on it. Because it has no power, blocking it isn't an issue, especially with tokens (if they're in the right colour). The other issue is that because it doesn't deal damage, any card that requires damage to be dealt (like Coastal Piracy or Curse of Stalked Prey) won't trigger off this card. Still, it's a creature that has the potential to cause a large loss of life and it's hard to block, so it's not a bad option to run.

Pros: Potential for large amounts of life loss
Cons: Doesn't deal damage, no power
Rating: 4/5

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