Tuesday, 29 April 2014



Not many creatures are safe from this card and it's hilarious. I don't mean to say that most creatures will die from this; I mean to say that most creatures will take damage from this because this is usually how the turn devolves:

P1: I cast Brawl, then my Krosan Warchief punches your Timber Wolves
P2: Well, since they're going to die anyway, my Timber Wolves bite your Anceint Hyrda
P1: Well then, my Ancient Hyrda will just have to dine on your Whimwader
And so on and so forth...

It probably won't cause a boardwipe, but almost everything will probably walk away with a black eye at least. I like the fact that it's Instant-speed, meaning you can use it during combat and basically give your blockers Double Strike (which is probably its intended use). The only issue is that it pretty much requires a lot of big creatures to pull off a one-sided boardwipe. Still, it's a neat little way to find out who your friends are in a multiplayer game.

Pros: Basically gives blockers Double Strike
Cons: Little creatures probably won't survive, requires tapping
Rating: 3/5

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