Thursday, 24 April 2014

Urza's Eyewear

Glasses of UrzaSunglasses of Urza
Urza's Contact Lenses

I didn't think Urza had problems seeing, but I guess when you start working as a clockmaker's apprentice (look it up), your eyes start to go a little bit.

Glasses of Urza
It's no Peek, but for 1 mana, it can glean you a lot of useful information, especially after a tutor. With the exception of Seer's Vision or Telepathy-type effects (which give everyone at the table the information), this is the only unconditional, repeatable way to look at an opponent's hand. Not bad for 1 mana.

Pros: Repeatable hand spying
Cons: Only targets one player, needs to be repeatedly activated
Rating: 4/5

Sunglasses of Urza
Kind of a worse Celestial Dawn if you ask me (and if you don't, why are you here?). It's 3 mana for a limited amount of colour fixing. It's useful in a Boros deck, but most other decks running red/white have better options.

Pros: Micro Celestial Dawn
Cons: Only changes white to red
Replacement: Chromatic Lantern
Rating: 1/5

Urza's Contact Lenses
It's free Telepathy and that's pretty awesome. Also, combos with Lodestone Myr.

Pros: Free Telepathy
Cons: Illegal in every format
Rating: 3/5

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