Sunday, 20 April 2014



I put both arts here because this is a good example of why I liked the idea of multiple arts for each card: it tells a story. Sure, it's a short story of "guy stands in front of some arrows" and "guy dead due to standing in front of some arrows", but it adds just a little bit more flavour to the cards.

Anyway, if this card didn't cost 3, it would be a lot better. It's basically a one-sided Fog with an additional cost of sacrificing a creature. There are creatures like Stuffy Doll and Spitemare that can make this card have a lot of value, but there are many more that would just make it a one-sided Fog. If it cost WW, it would be an amazing card. Still, it's basically a cheaper Endure, which isn't that bad of a card.

Pros: Essentially a cheaper Endure
Cons: Requires a creature to be sacrificed
Rating: 3.5/5

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