Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Onslaught Charms

Fever CharmMisery CharmPiety CharmTrickery CharmVitality Charm
Charm sets are my favourite sets!

Fever Charm
The second weakest of the charms, this card has only 2 usable abilities. The haste is "eh" at best since you're using a card just to give haste. At least with something like Accelerate, it replaces itself, and cards like Reckless Charge give another bonus. The +2/+0 is basically a Shock, let's be honest. The final ability is barely usable since it's a Lightning Bolt that can only target Wizards.

Pros: Gives haste or +2/+0
Cons: Only gives either haste or +2/+0, Bolt in almost unusable
Rating: 1.5/5

Misery Charm
This charm is, well, miserable. You can destroy a Cleric or Disentomb a Cleric. Yay? Outside of a Cleric deck, it's unusable. The life loss is similar to that on Inquisitor Exarch, but at least that comes on a bear. 

Pros: Instant-speed life loss
Cons: Targets only Clerics, life loss is small
Rating: 0.5/5

Piety Charm
Now we're getting into the good charms! Destroying target Aura is acceptable for a multiuse card. The +2/+2 can only target a Soldier, but it's far better than the +2/+0 from Fever Charm since it's a white Mutagenic Growth. Finally, the star of this card, mass vigilance. Mass vigilance for 1 mana is great, nay amazing! There aren't many cards out there that give mass vigilance for cheap.

Pros: Mass vigilance
Cons: Mutagenic Growth only targets Soldiers
Rating: 3/5

Trickery Charm
This is the second best of these 5 charms. Instant speed flying is really nice since it can give a creature quick evasion. Changing a creature's type is actually better than you might think. Just look at the rest of these charms! Finally, the Sage of Epityr effect is nice, especially at Instant speed. The reason that this card is the second best is because all three of its abilities can be used against any deck, but they're all average abilities.

Pros: Sage of Epityr effect, instant speed flying
Cons: Average abilities
Rating: 3.5/5

Vitality Charm
Finally, the best charm! Why is it the best charm? Well, the first ability is instant-speed Ted, which is always great for blocking those pesky Novablast Wurms.  Its second ability is the star however. You want to know how many other 1 mana, Instant sources give a power bonus and trample? Berserk, an extremely powerful card, and Unnatural Predation which is a less function reprint of this card. The final ability of this card is much better than the other charm's abilities since Beasts are extremely common in more than one colour (like Wizards, Clerics, or Soldiers).

Pros: Ted creation, powerful trample, Beast regeneration
Cons: Regeneration only targets Beasts
Rating: 4.5/5 

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