Saturday, 9 February 2013


Yay! Silence's beta version! This card is actually situationally better than it's newer counterpart. Silence can't stop a Murderous Betrayal or an Iron Star whereas this card can. However, this card doesn't stop the summoning of creatures or the creation of artifacts or enchantments, so it's not that great on an opponent's turn. However, on your turn this card is great since it stops pesky activated abilities. It also replaces itself by drawing you a card, so that's nice too. The weakness of this card is that is doesn't stop permanents, but that's not a very big weakness.

Pros: Prevents non-permanent spells and abilities, self-replacing
Cons: Doesn't prevent permanents 
Rating: 4.5/5


  1. They can use Iron star actually since abeyance has been errata'd to non mana activated abilities and iron star has been eratta'd to a triggered ability

    1. Eh folks, when you're wrong, you're wrong! You can't actually prevent someone from using Iron Star. However, you should tell anyone you see who uses Iron Star to stop using Iron Star since it's bad. Maybe that could be my next review...