Thursday, 7 February 2013

Plague Dogs

I want to start off with an apology for the sporadic way that I've been posting lately. There's been some stuff going on in my life that's been messing with my free time. Hopefully, that's all been straightened out and I can go back to trying to actually reviewing a Magic card a day.
Plague Dogs
This card isn't bad. In fact, I kind of like it. It starts out a little rough by being an underwhelming 3/3 for 5, but it quickly makes up for it. When it dies, it's instant-speed Nausea, which can take care of those pesky token armies as well as lessen the damage from an attack or, conversely, reap a greater death toll during an attack. The icing on the cake (small cake though it may be) is the instant-speed draw that triggers the Nausea. There's not much instant-speed card draw in black that doesn't drain your life (and when I say "not much", I mean less than 50 cards and most aren't great), so having that on a chump blocker is pretty nice. This card is basically Yavimaya Elder's undead puppy! That being said, it does still cost 5, so it's a little expensive.

Pros: Instant-speed Nausea and card draw
Cons: CMC 5
Rating: 3/5

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