Wednesday, 13 February 2013

River of Tears

River of Tears
"Your corpse shall float away on a... RIVER OF TEARS!" - Some guy at a Future Sight prerelease, said while playing this card. This was the highlight of the tournament.

This card is... odd. That's not saying much since everything from Future Sight was odd, but this is especially odd. It's essentially a dual land, but since it shifts colours every so often, it can really put you in a spot. I've seen more than one occasion where a player has wanted to play something like Darkpact, but they didn't have enough black mana and the only land in their hand was a bounce land. Now it is possible to get around this issue (tap a land for mana, bounce that land), but in the heat of battle it can be easy to overlook. This land also can't produce black mana on someone else's turn (unless you have some serious tech). Aside from those two points, it's a great card!

Pros: Essentially a dual land, doesn't enter tapped
Cons: Requires landfall to produce black mana
Rating: 4.5/5

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