Monday, 18 February 2013

Thalakos Mistfolk

Thalakos Mistfolk
This card could be a great blocker if it didn't have shadow. The modern-day equivalent of this card would probably be Lantern Spirit, but that card is much better. Why? First, it has a better form of evasion. Sure, shadow basically makes this card unblockable, but it also means it can't block, and cards with a built-in bounce effect make the best blockers. Lantern Spirit can also block flyers whereas this card cannot. The big difference however is where the cards go when they are bounced. This card goes to the top of your library, meaning that you'll only be drawing this card over and over which means you won't get anything new in your hand. Lantern Spirit, on the other hand, goes to your hand instead leaving you free to draw different cards in order to fix the problem. Still, not a terrible card.

Pros: Effectively unblockable, self-bounce
Cons: Bounces to library rather than hand
Rating: 2/5

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