Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Shadowmoor 2-Permanent Lands

Leechridden SwampMadblind MountainMistveil PlainsMoonring IslandSapseep Forest
Shadowmoor had some fun lands didn't they? Here's another set of 5 special lands for review. 

Note: I've already calculated the fact that the do count as their basic land types (not as basic lands though) into their score. All but Madblind Mountain and Moonring Island had their scores increase as a result. I've marked how much these other cards changed the score after each score. I know I don't normally do this, but I know I'll hear about it if I don't mention it. 

Leechridden Swamp
The fact that it does damage to all opponents is what makes this card somewhat usable. If it only hit one opponent, then it would be a lot worse. However, it is only 1 damage to everyone (and it's not actually damage, so goodbye Bloodthrist but it's harder to stop), but as a poor man's Pestilence, I guess it does its job but I'd rather run the real thing.
Pros: Doesn't hit you, hits all opponents
Cons: Effectively 2 mana for 1 damage once
Rating: 3/5 (+1 for Cabal Coffers)

Madblind Mountain
Probably the weakest of the 5, the only real nice thing I can say about it is that it might be useful if you are mana flooded or starved and really need to shuffle your library. Why couldn't they make this a tim card?
Pros: Allows you to shuffle your library
Cons: Isn't really that useful
Rating: 0.5/5

Mistveil Plains
Straight from the weakest to the best. This card is awesome. It may seem like a bad card since it puts the card on the bottom of your library, but the bottom of your library is better than in your graveyard. If you've got tutors or anything that shuffles your library, it allows you to bring that card back when you need it. It can also work as protection against mill since you will always have one card in your library (and in this case, it will always be the card you need).
Pros: Instant-speed unlimited graveyard recursion
Cons: Puts the cards on the bottom of your library
Rating: 4/5 (+0.5 for Gift of Estates & Co)

Moonring Island
Replace this with Halimar Depths. Seriously, unless you really need an Island for some strange reason, this card is really bad. Why is it rated higher than Madblind Mountain? At least this gives you some degree of control over your deck (deciding whether or not you want to clash or not for example).
Pros: Lets you look at the top card of your library
Cons: You can't do anything with the top card of your library
Rating: 1/5

Sapseep Forest
"Eh" is about all I can muster about this card. It doesn't really effect the game state that much. 1 life is never really going to do much for you. But, it's not exactly a negative effect, so at least it gives you something to do when you're bored.
Pros: Gains you 1 life
Cons: Just kind of sits there, wishing it was a real Forest
Rating: 1/5 (+0.5 for Blanchwood Armor & Co)

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  1. While I don't think it deserves a bump in score, it I think it deserves to be mentioned that Moonring Island says target player's library, so you can keep an eye on what opponents are drawing and by extension what to save your counterspells for.