Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Kobold Taskmaster

Kobold Taskmaster
Why can't "Taskmaster" be an actual creature type? I think it would be awesome to drop a Standardize and swing with a bunch of 1/1 Taskmasters for the kill. But, that's beside the point, We're here to discuss this card, not the awesome possibilities of alternate creature types. This card is what we like to call a "Lord", a name given based on the old cards that gave blanket buffs that used to have the creature type Lord. Now, most Lords gave two bonuses: a power/toughness buff and a secondary bonus. For example, Elvish Champion gave Elves +1/+1 and forestwalk and Lord of Atlantis gave Merfolk +1/+1 and islandwalk. This card, on the other hand, only gives +1/+0 and no other benefits. Granted, most Kobolds are only 0/1, so this makes them a little more useful than Ted, but not by much. In short, this card isn't very good. It's not because it's a Kobold; it's because its Lord effect is lacking.

Pros: Gives Kobolds a much-needed power boost
Cons: Only gives a power boost, nothing else
Rating: 1/5

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