Sunday, 28 October 2012

100th Review: Library of Alexandria

Library of Alexandria
In honour of my 100th review (not including Then and Nows, Artists, or other thingies), I've decided to honour my roots and review a really expensive land: Library of Alexandria. However, unlike Rishadan Port, this card is really good. Like, banned in Legacy good. Some people don't see why this card is so good, and I'll admit that it took a few years of playing to realize it too. Originally I thought that the restriction of only being able to draw if you have 7 cards in your hand was really bad, but then I saw the advantages of that draw. Let's say you drop this on your first turn. That means that, only by effectively sacrificing your first land drop, you'll be drawing 2 cards a turn from turn 2 onward (first, you draw your card for the turn which brings you up to 7 cards and then you tap this to get you an eighth card). In a red deck for example, that means you can have an extra Lightning Bolt in hand; a blue deck can have an extra Counterspell (or more fuel for Forbid). Planar Chaos tried to reprint this card in the form of Magus of the LIbrary, but it doesn't work as well. You really need this card dropped on the first couple turns for it to be really effective and I guess that this card's only downfall (also, the Magus can't tap the turn it comes out). Late in the game, you may not want to see this card, but any other time it's a welcome sight.

Pros: Extra draws from turn one,  doesn't enter tapped, uncounterable, land
Cons: Probably won't work late game
Rating: 5/5

I just wanted to thank everyone for continuing to read my little opinions. I wouldn't have kept going this long if people didn't read this. Sorry about the weird timing of my reviews lately too. School's kicked back up and I don't always have time to write these.

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