Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Then and Now: Pithing Needle

Time for another Then and Now! In this edition: Pithing Needle.
Pithing NeedlePithing Needle
Back in ye olden days when Pithing Needle was printed, a few people didn't realize it's potential. Naming one card for each needle didn't seem that powerful. But then someone noticed that this card shut down a huge problem in Standard: Umezawa's Jitte. Then people starting realizing that it also shut down Sensei's Divining Top in Standard and Skullclamp in casual (due to emergency banning, also here are some of R&D's hilarious notes on Skullclamp and Top).

Nowadays, the only real viable targets that people like using this for are planeswalkers and occasionally (very occasionally) creature cards (I can think of Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord off the top of my head). Still, those are perfectly viable targets, but it's somehow different than before for me. Locking down Nissa Revane doesn't feel as good as locking down a Top. Although shutting down a Strip Mine is pretty funny...

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