Monday, 13 August 2012

Song of Blood

Song of Blood
We haven't had a really mediocre card for a while have we? This card card can be really good, really bad, or just meh. The biggest problem with this card is not what it does, but its colour. Red doesn't have a lot of deck stacking (in fact, only Magma Jet and Riddle of Lightning allow for specific deck rearranging in red) and this card really works best with deck stacking cards. Otherwise, this card is really a gamble, and to be fair, that does fit with red's shtick. Now, as for its effects, this card can be will good in the right deck. In a Goblin token deck, for example, 3 creature cards gives everything +3/+0 which is really good when you're swamping your opponent with a lot of creatures. However, the gamble may not be worth it in a lot of situations. It's really best saved for that last attack.

Pros: Can give all your attacking creatures up to +4/+0
Cons: Huge gamble without deck stacking
Rating: 2/5

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