Sunday, 5 August 2012

Kuldotha Rebirth

Kuldotha Rebirth
This is a staple of my Goblin deck. Now, this is one of the few cards I actually like from Scars block, and it works best with a couple other cards I like from that block; namely Ichor Wellspring and Mycosynth Wellspring. For red, one of the biggest problems it has is card draw. "But cards like Wheel of FortuneGoblin Lore, and Reforge the Soul give red huge draw power!" Most of that power though comes at a price, usually discarding cards (sometimes at random). With this card and Ichor Wellspring, there are no downsides. It equates to 3 mana for 2 cards and 3 gribblies; not a bad deal (heck, Panic Spellbomb gives you 1 card for 2 mana and it's still a good deal). Red's other problem, mana ramping, is also partially solved by this card in a similar fashion. Mycosynth Wellspring and this card equals 2 lands (albeit tapped) and 3 gribblies for 3 mana; again, it's a pretty good deal. Now, the issue with this card is twofold. First, it's sorcery-speed, meaning you can't make an army of Teds to block an attacker. Second, you need an artifact to work (however, I get around this by using Liquimetal Coating). As an end note, I think I just mentioned every single card I liked from Scars block in this review (with the exception of Black Sun's ZenithChancellor of the ForgeGoblin Wardriver, and Horrifying Revelation).

Pros: 3 gribblies for 1 mana
Cons: Requires an artifact, slow
Rating: 4/5

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