Friday, 3 August 2012


Yet another reason why you shouldn't listen to Gatherer's rating system. Just to get it out there: yes, this card is very flavourful and cool. But does coolness alone carry a card to greatness? No, but it does have a couple benefits. In essence, this card prevents 1 point of combat damage to another creature you control. And, for 1 mana, it's kind of worth it. It could also serve as a target for something like Redirect or Hecatomb. So, it works as a sacrificial lamb or as a weakened Carom. But, white can do so much better for making sacrifices.  Beckon ApparitionDoomed Traveler, and Spiritual Visit are all better and those are only a few that cost 1 mana. However, if your opponent is packing 4 Deserts, you may want to consider running at least one of these (or City in a Bottle).

Pros: Prevents damage from Desert, you won't feel bad sacrificing it
Cons: Doesn't do much except die
Rating: 1/5

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