Sunday, 19 August 2012


I didn't know you could spell "awesome" with a B... This card has no major downsides to it. It's perfect for the colour it's in (green loves da ramps) and it's perfectly costed. If it gets out when it should (turn 1), there's not much your opponent can do to you before you get some sort of advantage out of it. Okay, if you go second and your opponent has a Wane in their hand, then maybe you might not get anything out of it. However, if you drop this first turn, then you'll get an advantage over the opponent right away (assuming you have the land in your hand). In a multiplayer match, you'll be even stronger off once it gets back to your turn. Now, I had mentioned that this card has no major downsides to it, but it does have a couple pitfalls to it. First is if your opponent has a way of destroying it before you can get anything out of it but that can be said about any card really. The second problem is the bigger of the two: this isn't at all useful if you have no lands in your hand. However, most players won't start with a one-land hand, so this can speed things up a little bit even if you're mana-starved. Finally, this isn't that useful late-game since most players won't have anymore land that they need to play late in the game, but it might still give you that extra land or two that you really need (plus, your Admonition Angel might make opponents think twice before they play anything...). However, these are very minor problems that can be said about a lot of cards, so only the lack of effectiveness and requirement for lands in your hand really count against this card.

Pros: Helps you get more lands out from turn 1
Cons: Only useful with lands in your hand, not terribly effective late-game
Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. While less effective late game, I do think that it has use there if for no other reason than some very common land fetch cards that I see puts one or more lands into your hand and not directly into play(Armillary sphere, Kodama's reach etc.) so this could be used to mitigate that slightly. I also think that abundance should get special mention here since you can choose to fill your hand up with extra land and then your opponents can help you get them into play.