Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hellkite Hatchling

Hellkite Hatchling
How could I not do a review of one of the cutest cards in Magic? He's so adorable and spiky and angry at everything! 

Squeeing aside, this card is actually not that bad. Well, as a 2/2 vanilla for 4, he's pretty bad, but in the right deck he works pretty great. Put him in a Thallid-based deck and have him eat all the little mushroom gribblies or do the same in a Goblin token deck. Even if this card only munches on 2 creatures, it still becomes a 4/4 Flying Trample for 4, which is really good for its cost. Make it 10 creatures (very possible by turn 4 with a well-constructed Goblin token deck) and it's a 12/12 Flying Trample for 4! Now, with any Devour-based creature, the inherent problem of needing to sacrifice creatures is an issue if you don't have anything you're willing to part with. This card's Devour power is pretty weak as well, only giving +1/+1 per creature eaten. Still, this card is a solid (not to mention adorable) addition to any R/G token deck.

Pros: Gets Flying and Trample if it snacks on at least 1 creature
Cons: Really weak and overcosted if it misses its meal
Rating: 3.5/5

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