Thursday, 2 August 2012

Makeshift Mannequin

Makeshift Mannequin
Continuing on the theme of sacrificial creatures from my last review, here's another great card that basically makes a sacrificial pawn for one use. Unlike Kher Keep, this card actually makes a real creature instead of a token, but it requires a creature in your graveyard. Even if all you have is a Gray Ogre in your graveyard, this can still be useful to throw in front of a Phyrexian Hydra. However, cards like Belfry SpiritGlen Elendra Archmage, or anything with Modular work really well with this card. Anything that has a death trigger was meant to work with cards like this (the Asian Five are a prime example). However, it requires any of those cards to be in your graveyard, so it only works after you've lost something. It also cost 4, so late game is probably the only time you'll see this played, and it may be too late by that point.
Note: Yes, you can take the mannequin counter off without killing the creature. You just have to use AEther Snap or Chisei, Heart of Oceans.

Pros: Flash reanimates a creatures
Cons: Creature dies if targeted, costs a fair bit
Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Just a note anything with shroud or hexproof has no negative to using makeshift mannequin since they can not be targeted