Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shinen of Fear's Chill

Shinen of Fear's Chill
Since I've posted a couple mediocre reviews recently, I thought I'd post a review of an unquestionably bad card. This card is Chimney Imp levels of terrible (if you want an example of why you shouldn't follow Gatherer ratings, there's a prime example). Let's just look at what it can do compared to it's contemporaries (other 5-cost Common creatures). This is a 3/2, non-flyer that cannot block, but it can be discarded for 2 mana to make something unable to block for one turn. Bleak Coven Vampires is a 4/3 and steals life if you have Metalcraft. Carrion Thrash is 4/4 that brings something back to your hand when it dies if you pay 2 mana. Crested Craghorn is a 4/1 haste provoker, so it effectively has this card's Channel ability. Harbringer of Spring, despite being only a 2/1, has protection from non-Spirits as well as Soulshift 4, which means it can bring a more useful creature back to your hand when it dies. Am I saying that all 5-cost Common creatures as better than this? No, cards like Crystal Seer, Glintwing Invoker, and Frostwind Invoker are either equally bad or worse. Am I saying that this card should be avoided because there are better 5-cost Common creatures? Yes.

Pros: Can be Channeled into a Wave of Indifference for the same cost
Cons: Can't block, no evasion, weak
Rating: 0.5/5 

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