Saturday, 23 June 2012

Revered Elder

Revered Elder
This card is a good example of kind-of-but-really-not-that-great quality (KOBROTG quality). It's not excellent on its own (I'd prefer a Benalish Knight or Femeref Scouts for the same mana cost and rarity), but it can do really well in certain combos. The first obvious choice is to throw Pariah or Pariah's Shield on this card and trade mana for damage. General's Regalia has the same effect. Where this card probably does it's best is with the en-Kor cards though. All 6 of the en-Kor cards have "0: The next 1 damage that would be dealt to this creature is dealt to target creature you control instead", basically turning this card into a shield for all of your creatures. So, like I said, this card is kind of good, but not really.

Pros: Can prevent damage to self with mana
Cons: A little weak for cost, only shines in combos
Rating: 2/5 

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