Thursday, 28 June 2012


Since my last review was about colourless damage, I thought I'd bring this card up. This card is a better version of Moonglove Extract. Why? Well, it does 3 damage instead of 2 and it's an instant as opposed to an artifact (meaning that it's less vulnerable). However, it does require red mana, whereas Moonglove Extract is purely colourless. Now, that being said, it doesn't necessarily make it a good card. It still costs too much for 3 damage, especially when red has Lightning Bolt

Pros: Better version of Moonglove Extract
Cons: Expensive
Replacements: Lightning Bolt
Rating: 1/5


  1. Personally I think it has some good uses the major one that I see is that it can take out creatures with pro red in a mono red deck, some of which can be a major pain such as kor firewalker

    1. I agree that it does have it's uses, but not many that warrant a higher rating. Red decks should be able to deal direct damage in order to get around pro-red creatures. If for some reason they can't, well, maybe you shouldn't be playing a red deck against that deck!