Wednesday, 13 June 2012


This card is a utilitarian's dream. It can be whatever you want it to be, for a price. Need a big blocker? Boom! It's a 0/9 for 6. Need a flying striker? Shwing! It's a 5/1 flier for 3. Need both? If you've got the mana, it can be both. Now, the problem I have with this card is that it can get expensive and therefore it isn't a good offensive card. It goes down for 3 and 2 blue, already making it a little on the expensive side, but it really starts to cost you when you need to have a 0/6 flying shrouded blocker (5 if you don't need to untap it). However, as a defensive card, it plays the field excellently, being almost whatever you need it to be. Torchling is definitely more offensive than this (and Thornling even more so), but it too suffers from the same costing problems (we'll talk about those cards some other time). This card was also heavily restrained because of the new damage-not-being-on-the-stack rule (if you don't remember the old rule, go ask someone who played 7th Edition), but it still works as a defensive card.

Pros: Works well as an utilitarian blocker
Cons: Can get expensive if you overwork it, hurt by recent rule change
Rating: 3.5/5

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