Saturday, 2 June 2012

Preyseizer Dragon

In honour of Planechase 2012 just being released, I thought I'd review a card from it, a really broken card. Which one? Thromok the Insatiable? He's really good, but he's got no evasion. Dragonlair Spider? A little expensive and not really great in a ramp deck (although my friend's Stonebrow, Krosan Hero EDH will probably have one soon). No, we're going to talk about Preyseizer Dragon and why it's OP (overpowered).
Preyseizer Dragon
To start, it's a much better Predator Dragon. Sure, it doesn't have haste, but it's more damaging in the long run and it trades a red mana symbol for a colourless one, making it a ton more splashable. Second, it's hugely better than Voracious Dragon. Voracious Dragon does deal twice as much damage as the number of creatures it ate, oh wait, this thing does too! And it's not racially restricted to Goblins like Voracious is. But, it's not these two facts that make it OP. They make it good, but not really OP. What makes it OP is that its secondary effect can hit anything. The fact that you can swing for 24 at one player while simultaneously dealing 20 to another player is ridiculous! It's effectively hyper-mega-awesome trample that is going to paint a massive target on you when you play it unless it doesn't eat anything. If that happens, something went horribly wrong. Or it's in the wrong deck. The only down side to this is that since it needs to eat something, you'd better have a lot of spare token to kill (ie: Goblins and combo with Boggart Shenanigans)

Pros: Hyper-mega-awesome trample, better Predator and Voracious Dragon
Cons: Forces sack to make it work 
Rating: 4.5/5

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