Thursday, 14 August 2014

Quik Quickies Quickly

Vicious Kavu

It's a 4/2 for 3. That's not bad. If it had first strike, it'd be better.

Pros: 4/2 for 3 when swinging
Cons: Vanilla 4/2 for 3, only 4/2 when swinging
Rating: 2.5/5

Kumano's Pupils

A little underpowered cost:mana ratio-wise, but given its ability, I can forgive it. Kind of.

Pros: Exiles things it hits
Cons: 3/3 for 5
Rating: 2/5


Bad. Just bad.

Pros: 4/4 for 4
Cons: Makes your stuff cost more, effectively a vanilla 4/4
Rating: 0.5/5


Amazing blocker. Seriously, this thing is great.

Pros: Flying 1-drop that can regenerate
Cons: 0/1
Rating: 4/5


A conditionally unblockable 3/4 for 6? Yeah... no.

Pros: Conditionally unblockable
Cons: 3/4 for 6
Rating: 0.5/5

Taste of Paradise

Complete waste of paper and ink.

Pros: Scalable lifegain
Cons: 4 for first 3 life, sorcery speed
Rating: 0/5

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