Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mirror of Fate

Mirror of Fate

Umm... Comboable? Yeah, that describes this quite nicely. Use with Arc-Slogger to make sure all you have are combo pieces/power cards left in your library. Use with Laboratory Maniac to speed up your win process and leave only combo pieces/power cards left in your library. Manipulate Fate your Beacon of Tomorrows and take infinite turns while beating your opponents down with Keranos, God of Storms. It's a fun card, but somewhat flawed. Exiling your own cards is very risky and unless you have a way to reliably resolve this, it's a huge gamble. Also, since the exiled cards are face-up, your opponents will be able to see you machinations well in advance and may be better equipped to stop you, as opposed to if you just tutored for the combo. Fun, but a big gamble.

Pros: Allows for combo set-up
Cons: Requires combo pieces to be exiled
Rating: 2/5

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