Thursday, 7 August 2014

Midnight Covenant

Midnight Covenant

Shade's are pretty cool, mainly because of their ability to turn one mana into better firebreathing (now hereby known as "shadebreathing"). This is a pretty cool aura because it gives shadebreathing, but it's an aura that just does that one thing. It'd be great in Limited, but it really lacks enough power to be great elsewhere. This is also a case where there's a similar card that does a much better job of doing what this wants to do, in this case it's Shade's Form. Shade's Form is just flat better in all situations, but I'll talk more about that card when it comes up for review.

Pros: Gives shadebreathing
Cons: Just gives shadebreathing
Rating: 2/5
Replacement: Shade's Form

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