Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mask of the Mimic

Mask of the Mimic
I love this card because it can really screw with those people who've just started playing Magic and think they know everything because they've seen a Pro Tour online. Here's what happens:
Step 2: Make an Illusion token
Step 3: Make a Clone of the token
Step 4: Cast this, sacrificing the token, targeting Clone
Step 5: Windmill slam Illusion/Reality and watch them be confused

Now, it real terms, you will have successfully discarded a card and sacrificed a creature for nothing, but watching uppity newbies be confused and put in their place. As for the card itself, it's not too bad. Blue creature tutor is extremely rare, and being able to do it at Instant-speed and put it onto the battlefield is pretty great. Swing with Frost Titan, sack another creature, get a second Frost Titan, watch your opponent cry. It's pretty good, despite requiring a creature sacrifice and only being limited to looking for something that's already on the field.

Pros: Instant-speed creature tutor to the battlefield
Cons: Requires creature sacrifice, can only look for duplicates
Rating: 4/5

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