Monday, 10 March 2014

Evil Presence/Sea's Claim

Evil PresenceSea's Claim
I actually think these cards is a lot better than others do. Why? I like land destruction and these are some of the fastest land destruction cards out there. Maybe that needs a little explanation....

Let me set the scene. You're playing against an opponent who is playing a green deck and they've just dropped a Gaea's Cradle but your Root Maze is keeping it locked down for the time being. Drop Sea's Claim on his head and suddenly that big problem has no longer become an issue. Same thing for when a Naya opponent plays a Jungle Shrine on turn 1 and you kindly inform them that they should be playing a black deck after slapping them with Evil Presence. These cards even works against same-colour decks that run lands like Cabal Coffers or Tolarian Academy! There are other cards like these, but they aren't as fast as these are. Often, turn 1 is the turn that matters when it comes to colour-control. The only decks that these cards don't really work on it mono-coloured decks that don't run special lands. Turning a basic land into another basic land doesn't really do much after all.  

Pros: Makes fancy lands not so fancy
Cons: Only really works on fancy lands
Rating: 3.5/5

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