Monday, 9 July 2012

Thundermaw Hellkite & Odric, Master Tactician

Thundermaw Hellkite
I... I quit. 

*gets up*

*leaves room*

*slams door*

*smashes face against wall*

*comes back*

Seriously you guys?! We're letting powercreep of this magnitude get made?! Now, for you out there who might be saying "But jimbob, it's not that bad! A 5/5 Flying Haste Dragon for 5 has been done before and it doesn't do that much damage, so what's the problem?" (Actually, the next cheapest 5/5 with Flying and Haste is Hellkite Charger at 6 with an ability that costs 7, so, you're wrong). Well let me tell you that you are obviously not reading the last 3 words on the card: "Tap those creatures". What does that mean? That means that most defenders will be rendered useless against this thing! Yeah, I know Reach exists, but that's not the point! The point is that this card taps down 75% of defenders against it and there's nothing you can can do about it. Shroud or Hexproof? Doesn't protect since it's not targeted. Protection from Red? It'll stop the damage, but not the tap since again, it's not targeted. Indestructibility? Won't matter until it's got 1 toughness anyway. Seriously, this card is easily the most broken card in M13...
Odric, Master Tactician

*edited profanity and burning of several objects*

Wow. Just wow. Who at Wizards thought cards of this magnitude would be a good idea? Seriously. "But it can die to Doom Blade, so it's not that bad!" What if you're not playing black or cards that can stop a creature? This is an argument I hear way too often. "Everything has a counter, so just find it and use it." That's a bull answer and you know it. Games like Magic shouldn't be about building the "one deck to rule them all", it should be about trickery and tactics, not finding the one solution and hoping you run into that one problem. I know I'm getting on a soapbox here, but I think I proved my point about how ridiculously powerful cards are getting nowadays.

Back to the review. There isn't much else to say about these cards. They're super-overpowered and have very few flaws. Thundermaw only affects Flying creatures though, so a creature with Reach could block it and Odric needs 3 other creatures to attack with him (although I doubt people building a deck in a set where  Captain of the Watch and Captain's Call are going to have much of an issue there).

Thundermaw Hellkite
Pros: Taps 75% of blockers, 5/5 Flying Haste for 5
Cons: Doesn't tap Reach creatures
Rating: 5/5

Odric, Master Tactician
Pros: Master Warcraft on a very reusable stick, 3/4 First Strike for 4
Cons: Needs 3 other creatures to work
Rating: 5/5

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