Monday, 30 July 2012

Crookclaw Transmuter

Crookclaw Transmuter
I think this card gets a harsher reputation for being bad then it deserves. To start off, it's a 3/1 flyer with Flash for 4, which if you you look at other cards of the same cost with Flash isn't that bad. It's got one less toughness then King Cheetah for example, but it makes up for it with its flying. It also has a fairly good ability on it: About Face. That ability is a little under-appreciated in my book. Sure, it won't do anything against an angry Doomgape, but it could be the difference between surviving and losing with regard to a Lord of Tresserhorn or Thunderblust. I don't think people appreciate that there are a lot of cards that just increase the power of a creature rather than both the power and toughness and that's where this card shines. Conversely, you could turn your Wall of Bone into a deadly creature that you can just regenerate or kill your opponent's Necropolis. As I mentioned before, this card's biggest flaw is that it doesn't do anything against a creature with equal power and toughness, but it could just be flashed in front of that big thing and stop it (unless it has Trample). It also doesn't have much toughness, but it will have served it's purpose once it's within Geistflame range anyway.

Pros: Makes offensive creatures weak, makes defensive creatures strong (or kills them outright), flash flyer
Cons: Doesn't do anything to balanced creatures, little toughness
Rating: 3/5


  1. Just a quick note for it you can also turn him into a 1/3 when he comes into play so he can work well as a defensive creature

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right. I missed that point, thanks for pointing it out.