Friday, 20 July 2012

The 6 Wishes

Burning WishCunning WishDeath WishGolden Wish
Living WishGlittering Wish

Oh Judgement (and to a lesser extend Future Sight), you so crazy! Now, I won't review these cards separately since they all effectively do the same thing. These cards were obviously meant for tournament play, wherein you have a sideboard that you can draw your cards from. However, in casual play, these can get stupid. Normally, the rule is "you can only choose cards you have with you", but I've had a couple rules lawyers drive home to get a card they want to play it because it's "outside the game". The funniest combo you can make with any of these cards is what I've heard termed "Magi-ception". You cast  Shahrazad, use Burning Wish to bring Shahrazad into the subgame, use Burning Wish again in the sub-subgame to make a sub-sub-subgame, and then you keep going if you have the cards (adding Death Wish to this can make it go even longer). The only weakness to these cards is that they specify what type of card you have to bring in or, in Death Wish's case, have a big drawback.

Pros: Brings in needed cards from outside the game
Cons: Can only bring in specific types of cards or cost you half your life, rules lawyers can abuse these in casual occasionally (usually solvable by a punch to the face)
Rating: 4/5 


  1. Glittering Wish cannot grab shahrazad you need burning wish for that since shahrazad is mono white and glittering only grabs multicolored cards. Also nowhere does it say the card must be legal in the format :D yay ante

  2. Whoopsies! That's supposed to say "Golden Wish" not "Glittering Wish". It's been changed now.

    1. Double whoopsies! For some reason, even when I was looking at the card, I thought Shahrazad was an enchantment. The post has been changed again.