Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Krovikan Elementalist

Krovikan Elementalist
Take a good long look at this card, because you'll probably never see it again. Seriously, I didn't even know this card existed and my hobby is surfing Gatherer! Anyway, is it some magical hidden gem of a card that begs to be brought back like Lim-Dul's Vault? Eh... no. This card kinda really sucks. To start, it's a 1/1 for 2 black mana, making it not very splashable, which doesn't make much sense since both its abilities are in other colours. Cards like Nightscape Master can get away with it because it's abilities are pretty good (well the blue one is at least). This card's abilities on the other hand are both pretty bad. Paying 3 to give something else +1/+0 just isn't worth it. Okay, it doesn't have to tap like Armorer Guildmage or Shaper Guildmage, but are you going to want to pay the cost more than once? Better yet, are you going to be able to pay the cost more than once? His second ability is essentially a weakened, yet more versatile, Fling. It can make something hop over defenses or it can stop something from hopping over yours. But, if you're running blue, you've got better options (like LeapSoar, or even Jump). All in all, you've got better options than this guy, unless you really want to use up your Morgue Toads quickly.

Pros: Weakened yet versatile Fling, firebreathing for other creatures, abilities don't require tap
Cons: Expensive for abilities, harder to splash because of mana cost
Rating: 1/5

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