Monday, 28 October 2013

Special: The Weird Cards I Use

Okay, since my "official" 250th post was... kind of lame, I thought I'd do a second post today on the strangest cards I use. These are the cards that make people say "why the hell are you running that?!" when I play them, but I have a legitimate reason to run each one (herein explained).

Now the reason people look at me weird for this is because I run this in my Talrand, Sky Summoner EDH. Most people say "Well, it's like running Mana Leak in EDH; everyone will have the mana to counter it". I don't see it that way. Often, some decks biggest spells require tapping out and they won't leave any mana open (save for maybe Path to Exile mana). Beacon of TomorrowsCruel UltimatumDin of the FireherdTime Stretch, and Twist Allegiance are just some good targets for this that can greatly shift an opponent's plans.

Jar of Eyeballs
This is the best tutor in my Lyzolda, the Blood Witch EDH by far. Why? Lyzolda like sacrificing tokens (particularly by throwing them at people's faces) and each sacrificed token means two more counters on this card. While this can only tutor a limited number of cards from the top of my library, my deck is so redundant that the chances are that I'll hit what I need in the top 14 or so cards.

Hidden Guerrillas
This one is fairly straightforward in my 8-Land Smash sideboard, but people are sometimes very confused by this. It's fairly simple: this goes in against Affinity decks. Why? It makes my opponent think about giving me a 5/3 for playing that Ornithopter without anything to back it up immediately. Besides, a one-mana 5/3 is pretty good right?

Sosuke's Summons
This is another "obvious" one, but it also confuses some people when they see it. It's a cheaper, more repeatable Acorn Harvest, especially since this is in my Seshiro the Annointed EDH. In the last game I played with this, it ended up netting me 12 snakes, which I think is pretty good for one card.

"It's just black Journey to Nowhere for one more! It's terrible!" That's what I always hear when I cast this for the first time. Why just the first time? Because I usually play this just before I activate my Oblivion Stone (or to prevent someone else from activating theirs) in my Maga, Traitor to Mortals EDH. You see, the important difference between this and Journey to Nowhere is that the exiled creature keeps its counters. That means that my 13/13 Maga will come back as a 13/13 and hurt someone badly when the Oblivion Stone goes off. 

Spike Cannibal
This is another odd card from my Maga EDH. Late in the game, if I have a big Maga (let's say 20/20) but can't attack for some reason, this card comes in really handy. For 3 mana, I'll have a 21/21 and the ability to cast a slightly smaller Maga (in this case 18/18). It's a pretty awesome utility card in my deck!

Those are probably the weirdest cards I have in my decks. Feel free to post any of your oddest cards in the comments below. Here's to another 250 posts in the next year or so!

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