Sunday, 8 September 2013

Balance of Power

Balance of Power
This card doesn't really feel blue to me. Sure, it draws cards, but that alone doesn't make it feel blue to me. I feel like it was designed to be used against blue decks, but not in a blue deck. I think it’s leaning towards black or white more than anything (black’s idea of quickly turning the tables and cheating to win or white’s idea of improving oneself to match an opponent). Mechanically, this is a real hit-or-miss card. If you’re playing an opponent who typically has a large hand, then this card is great because it’s going to allow you to keep up with your opponent. However, if your opponent has a same-size or smaller hand then you are, this card is pretty much dead. I think an opponent would have to have 3 cards more in hand then you for this to be kind of worth it. I don’t think this card is worth the gamble. Run Divination if you have to, but don’t run this.

Pros: Can equalize your hand size
Cons: Too risky, only worth it for 3+ card difference

Rating: 0.5/5 

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